Friday, June 19, 2020

Shuttles, stone and card modelling in BRM

Back and forth - that's what you get with a shuttle unit and in the latest BRM, I'm fitting one to a test track. It's an unusual project for me as this isn't part of a layout. Needing a suitable controller, I'm pleased to say that I dug out a Beatties unit, I wonder if anyone will spot that and write in to the magazine?

From the old to the new. A chance discussion on RMweb say me get my paws on a brand new kit from JS Models for a stone warehouse. The trouble with kits like this is that a simple build doesn't give you much to write about. The bits all fit and you can build it in a couple of hours.

That's not good enough (IMHO) for the readers, so I put a of of time in to develop a method of painting the nice, smooth MDF to look like real stone. The results are really pleasing and better than I'd hoped.

Another building, this time the Metcalfe Models Fire Station - lovely little kit and so well designed, but of course I had to fiddle with it and add a little bit of "Phil" to the finished model. I even managed to sneak a pun into of of the box-out titles.

On BRM TV (Still no DVD due to production issues) I'm doing more work with card kits to show a few enhancements that can be applied.


Huw Griffiths said...

I always thought that sneaking puns etc. into titles, articles and project builds was a traditional game, often played by writers and other contributors in magazines.

I suspect that spotting these puns before magazines get sent to the printers might be just as traditional a game for editors.

Obviously, I could be very much mistaken ... .

As for the improvements to kit models, I wonder how long it might be before these might include stuff like LED "tape lights" on internal ceilings, with tapewire run up inside the walls (and short, thin, wire loops soldered between them).

OK - perhaps not - but this would be the sort of "hacks" I might be tempted to experiment with.

Phil Parker said...

Being older than those in the office, you can sometimes sneak a musical pun into a title and they won't spot it. This time though, it's website name pun...