Monday, June 22, 2020

Fiddly steering linkage

Lindberg didn't design their kit to have working steering.

The rudder clips into place, you set it at an angle to bring the boat back to you and that's it. Plonk the model in the water and off it goes. Get it wrong and you've lost it in the thick reed bed 10 feet from your launching point.

Modern RC means I can have more control, but only if I work out how to link servo and rudder.

My solution required an evening of fiddling with brass wire. A length goes down a brass tube full of grease into the top of the rudder. The end is bend over and bashed flat. A nut is soldered on the bottom. Trust me, that was a real pain to do and took two nuts, both of which filled with solder. Eventually I cleaned one out, a job that would be been quicker if I could have found my small taps...

The servo linkage is another bit of the same wire also bashed flat and drilled. At the moment it just waggles around at the servo end, but the important thing is that I can make the rudder move from the middle of the boat.

All this took a lot longer than it sounds, but quite satisfying to do.

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